10 Latest WhatsApp Features You may Have Known

 Learn some latest features released by WhatsApp Recently

10 Latest WhatsApp Features You may Have Known

As we all know very well that, now-a-days WhatsApp has spread it's dominance over the whole Market. Almost everyone knows about the use of this popular application. Every single citizen is having this WhatsApp application installed in it's mobile phone.

Even people started marketing on this popular social media platform. They started selling things by their own affiliate link in order to make some little profit. 

This Social Media Platform started to be a most popular application. In this era, of such development you have to be updated about their small change in privacy statement or even of it's new improved features.

These newly improved features are just made in order to save your time. So, you have to be aware about these new releases. 

Today, I am going to discuss some of the new features released by WhatsApp.

1. Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp  

Disappearing Messages on WhatsApp

Disappearing messages, because the name suggests, are messages which will disappear or automatically get deleted from a talk after sometime. the thought of ‘ephemeral’ messages isn't new, and WhatsApp isn't the primary app to supply this. 

Users can now enable the disappearing messages feature for an individual chat. Once this feature got enabled, messages of the chat got disappeared after a period of 7 days. 

How to Enable Disappearing messages in WhatsApp?

In order to enable this feature, you just need to follow the steps given below:

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the whatsapp contact’s name.
  • Tap on Disappearing messages option.
  • Tap on CONTINUE, if there is a prompt on your device.
  • Select On.

How to Disable Disappearing messages in WhatsApp?

  • Open the WhatsApp chat.
  • Tap the whatsapp contact’s name.
  • Tap on Disappearing messages option.
  • Tap on CONTINUE, if there is a prompt on your device.
  • Select Off.
Now, I hope you got to know how this disappearing feature works in  WhatsApp.

2. Make Payments on WhatsApp

Make Payments on WhatsApp

WhatsApp also introduced a new feature in WhatsApp. With this feature enabled on your WhatsApp account. You can now use this Social Media platform for transaction of money with chatting on the go.

WhatsApp Pay was dispatched in February 2018 in India as a feature of a preliminary attempt. Installments through WhatsApp were acquainted with 1,000,000 clients under an association with ICICI Bank. On February 7, 2020, the informing application got NPCI's endorsement to reveal its computerized installment administration in a staged way. In the primary stage, WhatsApp will offer installment administrations to 10 million clients in the nation.

3. Customizable Wallpapers for Individual Chats on WhatsApp

Now with this feature enabled on your WhatsApp Account. You can easily set Wallpapers on your chats. 

Even you can easily set wallpapers for your chats individually. Also you  can use your own Gallery photos as Wallpaper.

4. Permanent Mute Option on WhatsApp

WhatsApp recently come up with a new update to mute any group or even chat permanently. Which means you easily mute any group or chat permanently.

Now you don't need to worry about muting groups after every 1 year. This one year option is going to change with a Always option over  there.

How to Permanently WhatsApp group or Chat ?

In order to permanently mute whatsapp group or chat you just need to follow the steps given below:

  • Hold over the group or chat for 2-3 seconds.
  • From the upper options choose mute icon.
  • Select Always option from the menu.
  • Press OK.

5. New Animated Stickers on WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp started supporting new animated stickers on it's platform. WhatsApp also released a lot of animated stickers.

These stickers helps a lot to deliver your thoughts easily with fun. 

Some Animated sticker packs available for download:

  • Chummy Chum Chums
  • Bright Days
  • Rico's sweet life
  • Moody Foodies
And many more if you search the internet.

6. Group Video Calls on WhatsApp

Till now you are just using Zoom, Skype and others for Group video calls. 

But now this popular Social media Platform also started this group video call feature in it's app. This group call is only restricted to 8 people per conference at the same time.

7. Add Contacts with QR Codes on WhatsApp

WhatsApp QR codes are scannable codes which will be want to add people to WhatsApp without manually entering their numbers. you would like to scan the QR code, and WhatsApp will provide you with the choice to save lots of the contact. 

After saving it, the chat window will open automatically.

Now, you don't need to add contact manually.

8. Dark Mode Option on WhatsApp

Dark Mode Option on WhatsApp

We are now living in the world of technology and development. Today, everything is changing with the improvements in the software. And in this queue Dark  Mode has become a necessity.

As this Dark Mode helps to save energy and also relaxes our eyes during night. Earlier, this feature is only available to latest android system users. 

But now, with WhatsApp's new update all users can benefit from this feature. 

9. Search Options Even for Photos and Documents on WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp rolled out the Advanced Search feature on its app for both iOS and Android platforms.

With this feature, you can just easily search for photos, GIFs, videos and documents on a particular chat.

10. Storage Management Tool to help you delete Junk on WhatsApp 

Newly launched feature of storage management tool, notifies you for storage alerts. Whenever your internal storage fills out of junk files like Good Morning images. 

Then, this tool will automatically notifies you to delete unused files and also to clear junk files.

Hope you enjoyed this information. And don't forget to share this knowledge with your friends.

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